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- TreeDì

- MultiTroph

- Productivity

- Nutrient cycling

- Multitrophic interaction


P1G: Spatio-temporal dynamics of canopy space filling
P1C: Belowground productivity and complementarity
P2G: Causes and effects of leaf trait variation
P2C: Roots and mycorrhizal traits
P3G: Spatio-temporal complementarity
P3C: Seasonal complementarity of wood growth
P4G: Associational effects of herbivory across spatial scales
P4C: Associational effects mediated by parasitoids
P5G: Drivers of leaf fungal pathogen load
P5C: Effects of leaf pathogens on leaf litter decomposition
P6G: Biodiversity effects on tree root exudate metabolomes
P6C: Complementarity in nitrogen uptake by roots
P7G: Rhizosphere microbiome and meta-transcriptome of TSPs
P7C: Mycorrhizal and endophytic fungal communities of TSPs
P8G: Functional diversity of soil microbial and nematode communities
P8C: Microbial function potential and its linkage with ecosystem functioning
P9G: Integrated modeling of tree individuals and animal population dynamics
P9C: Modeling forest community dynamics and neighbor TSP competition


Z1: Administrative and scientific coordination
SP1: Wood decomposition and decomposer interactions
SP2: Soil-plant interactions and stoichiometry
SP3: Plant-arthropod food webs, stoichiometry and functions
SP4: Cavity-nesting Hymenoptera and multi-trophic interactions
SP5: Trophic interactions across tree regeneration stages
SP6: Ant trophic interactions and functions
Z2: Data management and synthesis


Role of intra- and inter-specific species traits values in the genetic diversity effect on tree growth and forest productivity in the 4x1 genetic experiment
Species and genotypic specific tree growth under a gradient of species diversity and time series
The role of community trait identity and trait diversity on forest productivity, considering different species extinction scenarios
The richness effect on tree and shrub survival in the BEF-China experiment
Assessing the dynamic of vegetation function and productivity with laser and hyperspectral analyses of CSPs and main experiments
Understanding plant adaptation to different diversity level by regulating functional balances
Inference on growth-trait relationships is influenced by temporal species trait changes
Evidence for tree biodiversity-specific performance in a subtropical forest experiment
Effects of tree richness and shrub richness on shrub productivity
The interation of tree diversity and shrub diversity effect on shrub survival rate

Nutrient cycling

Tree and shrub diversity affect soil organic carbon and above- and below-ground carbon trade-off
Effects of plant diversity on soil organic carbon stability in subtropical forests
On the influence of afforestation on soil erosion processes in a subtropical Chinese forest ecosystem
Probing soil organic carbon composition and dynamics in the rhizosphere and bulk soil of Gutianshan
Formation and dynamics of mineral-associated organic carbon in subtropical forests
Effects of plant diversity on greenhouse gas fluxes and associated microbial mechanisms in soils of a subtropical forest
Analyses of species richness of the woody plants as affected by nitrogen mineralization via rhizosphere dynamics
Effects of species richness on priming effects and its underlying mechanisms

Multitrophic interaction

How does the diversity of bees, wasps and parasitoids relate to the tree species richness?
The effects of tree diversity on tree-caterpillar-parasitoid interaction; The effects of tree diversity on predator-prey interaction.
The impact of tree diversity on dung- and carrion-associated beetle community in subtropical southeast China
The interaction between soil mite and tree diversity; The responses of soil mite diversity to different tree species.
Changes in diversity and community structure of Collembola with the tree diversity gradient
The effects of tree species diversity on energy fluxes of soil food webs
Effects of tree and shrub species diversity on leaf litter decomposition and microbial decomposers communities inhabiting in litter
Effects of tree and shrub diversity on plant-soil feedback in subtropical forests
How does the association of tree species richness with litter fungal community change with time
The effects of host plant diversity on the assembly of leaf bacterial communities
Do trees with extrafloral nectaries interact with tree diversity in mediating insect communities, leaf damage, defense traits and tree growth?
Tree death patterns and dispersal of pathogens in forest stand with different tree diversity
Dispersal of pathogens in forest stand with different tree diversity
The effects of tree species diversity on soil organic carbon accumulation and its microbial mechanisms in subtropical forests
The effect of plant species diversity and genetic diversity on multi-trophic levels and their feedbacks on community productivity
Response of fine root, mycorrhizal fungi and their interaction to species coexistence in subtropical forest