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- Productivity

- Nutrient cycling

- Multitrophic interaction


The effects of tree species diversity on productivity and turnover of different fine-root functional groups
Influence of local biodiversity on the seasonality of tree growth
The effects of contrasting climatic conditions on diversity-stability relationships
Role of intra- and inter-specific species traits values in the genetic diversity effect on tree growth and forest productivity in the 4x1 genetic experiment
Tree growth under a gradient of species diversity, considering intra-specific genetic variation of 12 species
The role of community trait identity and trait diversity on forest productivity, considering different species extinction scenarios
The richness effect on tree and shrub survival in the BEF-China experiment
Assessing the dynamic of vegetation function and productivity with laser and hyperspectral analyses of CSPs and main experiments
The effect of wood stumps on soil organic carbon accumulation

Nutrient cycling

Probing soil organic carbon composition and dynamics in the rhizosphere and bulk soil of Gutianshan
Formation and dynamics of mineral-associated organic carbon in subtropical forests
Effects of plant diversity on greenhouse gas fluxes and associated microbial mechanisms in soils of a subtropical forest

Multitrophic interaction

Host-parasitoid interaction
The interaction between soil mite and tree diversity; The responses of soil mite diversity to different tree species.
Effects of tree and shrub species diversity on leaf litter decomposition and microbial decomposers communities inhabiting in litter
Indirect effects of tree richness and species identity drive plant growth in subtropical forest
How does the association of tree species richness with litter fungal community change with time
The effects of host plant diversity on the assembly of leaf bacterial communities
How biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relations change with or without the presence of local soil biota
Do trees with extrafloral nectaries interact with tree diversity in mediating insect communities, leaf damage, defense traits and tree growth?
Effects of plants diversity and inhibition of pathogen transmission on seedling growth and recruitment